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"Katazoom did a GREAT and FANTASTIC job on our window wraps. They literally stole the Brand identity of that end of the building for us. Moreover, they did some wall graphics inside which were excellent too."


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Here at Katazoom we take our customer’s projects very seriously and we will not stop till we get the job done the way you envisioned it. Greenville is not only the third largest urban area in South Carolina, it is the fastest growing. This can mean that your business could be growing too! We many different creative way you could be advertising for your school, business, or whatever you are interested in drawing a crowd to. From specializing in car wrap to wall murals we are your vinyl sign guys. Let your creative juices flow and we will bring your ideas to reality.

If you are looking to get your car wrapped, you’ve came to the right place! Car wrap can be a tricky job and you want an expert that has experience and will take your vision for your car seriously.

Are you not sure of what graphics you want on your vehicle? Don’t let that stop you from coming in to check out Katazoom! We have a team of awesome design experts that can help you come up with the best graphics for you! Here at Katazoom we have our own digital printing which means we can print out your design on vinyl right here at the office for you. We take every line and curve of your vehicle into consideration when we design the placement of the graphics.

Car wrap can be utilized for many different purposes. If you have an expensive sports car and you want to change the color or finish or maybe add some graphics, getting your car wrapped is the way to go. Not only is car wrap cheaper than getting your car repainted but it protect your car. Think of car wrap as a protective lining for your vehicle. It keeps the paint underneath from getting scratched, rusty, and protects it from the elements.

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What Is Car Wrap?

Car Wrap is a type of vinyl that is used to wrap vehicles. Depending on what you want, you can change the finish of the vinyl from high gloss all the way to matte finish. When it comes to car wrap the sky’s the limit. You can get graphics to advertise your business on your vehicle to changing the color on your sports car. Vehicle vinyl wrap not only looks better than a paint job but it protects the paint of your car against small scrapes and scratches.

You can use vehicle vinyl wrap to increase your sales and grow your business! Getting your work truck wrapped in some eye catching graphics along with your slogan, phone number and logo is a great way to bring in some calls while you are driving your vehicle through town.

How Is Wrap Applied?

The way the vinyl is applied to your car depends on what specifically you are getting done to your vehicle. There are also different types of vinyl that can be applied. We first look for any dents or blemishes that could cause the vinyl not to stick properly and make the vinyl appear bumpy. Prepping to wrap a vehicles is similar to the way you prepare to repaint a car. It is cleaned of any dust or dirt and the mirror and molding are removed. Removing the mirrors and moldings assists in not only doing a better job but helps speed up the process. Once the vehicle is clean then the vinyl can start to be placed on the car. Professional vehicle wrappers will look at the car and see where the breaks are in the car and apply the vinyl so it appears there are no seams once the job is finished.. Once a vehicle is completely done being wrapped, it should sit for up 2 days to let the vinyl fully adhere and stick properly before driving it. Vinyl wraps last up to 10 years! 

What Kinds Of Wrap Does Katazoom Offer?

Full Vinyl Wraps

Many Katazoom customers want to try out a new color on their car. Getting your vehicle a full vinyl wrap is a good way to do this. This a better method than getting your car entirely repainted. The vinyl wrap not only protects the paint underneath but it can be removed later if you ever want to sell your car. Business owners may want a full vinyl wrap of their business graphics to catch more potential customers eye and bring more business to their table. 

Trailer Wraps

Behind every great business owner, is a trail of great advertising. If you are a business owner that pulls a trailer behind your truck, then getting your trailer wrapped in vinyl is a great way to advertise! It also shows your customers that you really care about your business and are invested into great quality. If you don’t want your trailer fully wrapped we also provide partial wraps or vinyl stickers to promote your brand. 

Partial Wraps

Your budget might not allow for getting your vehicle of choice fully wrapped. But we also offer a high quality partial wrap. With our pros here at Katazoom you can design a partial wrap that will get your vehicle noticed. Whether it is to promote your business or to take your sports car up to the next level, anything is possible. A high quality partial wrap should last you up to ten years.Just like a full car vinyl wrap, a partial wrap on car will last up to 10 years if it is installed correctly.  Getting a partial wrap on your car means that you will not completely get your car covered in vinyl like you would if you had a full wrap. When you get a partial wrap done, you have full range of parts of your car you can get done. From getting just the doors done in graphics or the front end, you can be as creative as you want. Greenville’s Katazoom has a trusted graphic design team that can draw you up a 3d example of what your car wrap will look like when its finished. If you aren’t sure about the placement of your graphics, we can help you with that too.  

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