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Interior Branding in Greenville, SC

We at Katazoom can help you capture your brand’s essence and incorporate it into your workspace interior. We have catered to all kinds of businesses and the results of our service are beyond amazing. We have a team of talented and skilled designers to help you with your needs. We can help you to reimagine your branding without sacrificing your brand identity. We also cater to clients who need a hand in developing customized designs tailored to their business. Give us a call today and let Katazoom be your partner in your branding needs!

Many different types of business or places of interest could utilize interior branding.
You can really get as creative as want to be. We have worked with schools that wanted their school’s logo on walls or their sports teams brand in different places throughout their college’s buildings. Some places like restaurants, especially in a college town can use interior branding to make college students know they are in support of them and draw more business that way.

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Having your logo and brand colors in your workspaces can also help to create a good environment for your employees to work it. It not only keeps them motivated and their work ethic strong but it can create a sense of pride and belong for them.  Don’t let your mind stop at having your brand put on just your office walls or in your office hallways.

Interior branding can be utilized in many different ways. We can create banners for events or graphics to apply to mugs and anything you can imagine to advertise for you. If you envision it we can print and create it! Come to visit us today if you want to find out more about interior branding.

If you are possibly wondering how the interior branding process works and how to get started, we can walk you through some of the simple steps that it takes if you have Katazooms experts help you with your interior branding project. Some business owners want to put up their logo and mantra in their buildings hallways and so we print out their design for them custom fit to the size that they desire. We then offer professional installation so it can look its best and so your brand can look professional. To apply a logo to the wall we need to make sure are working with a smooth clean surface that is free of dirt and bumps that could cause the vinyl logo not to adhere as it should. This can cause unwanted ripples in the design or if the surface is not smooth and too bumpy you might need to hang a custom sign instead of applying a vinyl to the surface. Katazoom has many options to help you get started with your interior branding.

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Branding is possibly the game-changer in modern business today. How people perceive and experience your brand is your branding quality. If people love your brand, they will remember it.

Here at Katazoom, we believe in strengthening our clients’ brands. That’s why we offer this marketing method called interior branding.

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